Soft Power Destinations Salon, Malta


How can we use Soft Power to stimulate the creative economy?

Malta is one of the world’s great island fortresses from ancient times to World War II. Yet its very name means ‘refuge’. England is an island fortress that has provided refuge for many over recent centuries. As part of the celebration of Valletta’s Year as European Capital of Culture, Soft Power Destinations Award and Leading Cultural Destinations is hosting a workshop in London to explore how soft power is transforming both cities.

‘Soft Power’ is people’s ability to influence behaviour using persuasion, attraction and agenda setting (in opposition to force and finance). Soft power is created by people through networks and civil society organizations; while hard power and the fortress mentality is exercised by government and large corporations.The humanitarian refugee crisis centered in the Mediterranean poses issues for people in London and Valletta. And there are also the painful consequences of historical humanitarian crises. Our panel will explore how soft power strategies can help overcome these crises with a focus on the role of cities, museums, cultural tourism and cultural industries.

Soft Power Destinations Awards

Every year, the Leading Culture Destinations Awards recognize and celebrate the new breed of cultural institutions worldwide. This year marks the inaugural Soft Power Destinations Awards. These awards recognize the cultural organizations, activations or city districts that have powerful influence and impact based on their excellence, relevance, transparency, accountability and sustainability.

Think Tank, Soft Power Destinations Salon, Doha

The New York Times' arts and culture correspondent Rachel Donadio engaged with Co-President Gail Lord and Stephanie Manasseh, Founder and Director, Accessible Art Fair, Brussels/New York, at The New York Times' Art for Tomorrow conference in March in Doha, Qatar. The panelists discussed how art and culture contributes to cities, making them better places to live and work.
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